Monday, February 4, 2013

A christmas photo montage.

First up a few snaps from all the respective christmas parties.
Just chill in

My butterfly with attitude

Scary tiger

Watching the animals

First ever pony ride

Mr A was pretty cool with it all

A great waterslide

A pretty flower for a princess

I can do the tug of war too

Making ice cream with liquid nitrogen (can you tell we are all science geeks at work).

Now I'm a zebra (with smurf hands from making slime)
Our christmas holiday to visit Gran and Grandad.
Off on the ferry

Enjoying the beach

Amongst the lavender

Christmas baking

Choosing a cupcake

That's one big present

How to cool off on a hot christmas afternoon

Trying my big cousins rollerblades

Mr A loving the big rollerblades

Enjoying a play at the park

Quite some collection of christmas lego

Chilling in the sun on Boxing Day

Time for a dip in the sea
And Miss M got the present of a trip to the zoo from Granny and Papa so we enjoyed that once we were back home.
About to get ready to head to the zoo

My boy on the tiger

The giraffe that the kids got to feed

An ice cream to end the day

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