Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FO A fairy hoodie

This is a wee project I have had in mind since I purchased the fabric last year.  The fairy sweatshirting I got from a lady who was selling off a massive amount of fabric that had belonged to her mother (and I mean bolts and bolts of fabric).  I may or may not have increased my fabric stash somewhat from this sale ;-)
Anyway I thought Miss M might like a wee hoodie with fairies on and since I had some time off work for the school holidays I tried to get some sewing done.  The pattern is from ottobre 1/2012, number 22 and I made a size 86 for Miss M.  The only change I made from the pattern was to omit underarm panels in a contrast colour and I also sewed the cuff and bottom bands on slightly differently (partly due to laziness and partly from not reading the instructions carefully enough).

The bright pink knit fabric I used for the hood lining and front facings and the lavender rib were both from Mum's stash :-)
And a close up of the fairy pockets.

On the whole the pattern went together really well.  It was my first time doing a lined hood with a band around the neckline and I am pleased with how well it all sits.  I did have to put the zip in twice because the pockets were way out of alignment the first time, but we live and learn.
And finally on Miss M.  The fit is good apart from the sleeves being a little too short which is slightly annoying.  If I use this pattern again I would either go up a size or add extra length to the sleeves.

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  1. I love all of these patterns that you do from Ottobre...would you be able to do a post on Ottobre and what you think of it? I'm trying to decide if I would use a subscription, or not!