Friday, February 1, 2013

FO A clothes catch-up

I think this is the final big catch up thread from last year (barring anything to do with christmas) and so here is a quick round up of all the sewing I did towards the end of last year for Mr A and Miss M and never got around to blogging about.
So in no particular order......

A dress for Miss M.  This actually turned out to be more of a tunic as it is shorter than I had anticipated, not sure if that was something I did or what the pattern intended.  I made this at one of my sewing workshops and used it to learn some new techniques like sewing in piping and putting in an invisible zip :-)  The end result isn't perfect on either count but I'm pleased with it none the less.  The fabric is some I bought in a destash and the zip I stole form Mum's stash.  The pattern is from ottobre 3/2011 and I made a size 86.  My only mods from pattern was to add piping down the front seams and not put the big bow on the front :-)

 And on the girl herself.

At the same workshop I whipped up a wee pair of shorts for Mr A.  He requested red and red they are, actually the leftovers from the infamous red jeans, and I am pleased to say in this instance he loves them.  These are the Aqua shorts pattern from ottobre 3/2008 made to a size 98 (but I did cut a whole lot of length off them so they were as requested by the wearer.  Unfortunately although he has worn them a lot I don't seem to have any photos and being red they are really hard to get decent pics of.  All the top stitching is in black and they actually look much nicer in the flesh.

When the autumn issue of ottobre (4/2012) arrived last year I fell in love with a wee tunic pattern in it and for once I actually got around to making it within weeks of the mag arriving.  It is a simple wee pattern but really effective.  Again the fabric is some I got cheap in a destash and the ribbing is from stash.  Made in a floral one way stretch knit to a size 86cm.

A quick wee pinafore for Miss M.  This is out of some cute printed denim I think I got from my Mum's stash and again is an ottobre pattern from 1/2009 "Babushka pinafore".  I omitted the applique and the frills on the shoulders.  Made to a size 86 cm again.  The buttons I used on this are vintage ones from my Mum's button box :-)

And finally for now some cords I had cut out forever that I finally got around to sewing up for Miss M. I bought this fabric ages ago and love it although I must admit I was a bit nervous it would be a bit much for trousers.  In the end I am really glad I went with it.  The pattern is an ottobre from 4/2008, again size 86.  I used some cute printed 'moo' cotton for the inside of the waistband.  They have elastic in the back of the waist, full zip fly and I omitted the pockets :-)

Phew!  Just the christmas sewing to go now (and the few bits I've been doing in the last week or so).

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