Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas parties and Secret Santa

As always before christmas there are parties to attend.  This year we had two, one which was a family christmas party laid on by my work and the second was the kids daycare party.  Both were a huge success and we all really enjoyed them.
We are really lucky with the effort put into the kids christmas party by my work.  It is a great day out with a bbq lunch, loads of activities for the kids and of course a visit by the man in the red suit.  The main highlight for Mr A this year was catching up with one of his close friends from daycare who has recently starting school, and Miss M just enjoyed all the goings on :-)

Having a great time

First try of candy floss

I love my party dress

Santa gave me a new dolly

I do love the lego I got from Santa really
The daycare christmas party was also a good fun afternoon.  Each year the children spend the weeks leading up to the party rehearsing songs to perform and the teachers put on a wee performance as well.  I absolutely adore the daycare the children attend and love how they embrace the many cultures that are represented there.  In the past they have sung Jingle Bells in Italian and performed We Wish You a Merry Christmas in NZ sign language.  This year was no exception as the line up included the NZ versions of Jingle Bells and Twelve Days of Christmas, I Was There (a rugby world cup song), and We Wish You A Merry Christmas sung in english, Samoan and Tokelauen :-)  Again pics from the day.
Mr A was 'four huhu grubs' for NZ Twelve Days of Christmas

Miss M enjoying the singing

Having fun after the teachers performance

Thanks Santa

I got a Siku tanker!

And I got a duck from Santa (ducks are a firm favorite at the moment)
Finally I was involved in two secret santa swaps among a couple of different groups of friends this year and I was thoroughly spoilt with what I received.  Here are my spoils, don't get too jealous now ;-)
A fabulous thoughtful gift from Kate

The scrum my vintage fabric inside the bag

Yum yum to everything here

Hmmm this couldn't be more appropriate really ;-)

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  1. That is one adorable little dress on an adorable little girl!