Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's That Time Of Year

The "silly season" and as a result I have been doing everything BUT blogging even though there is so much happening that I have to blog about.  Somehow it is suddenly only a week until christmas day and as usual I am completely disorganized.  In my defense I have had a lot of extra "stuff" going on this year which I may post about later, and even without that there have been christmas parties and birthday parties galore as well as daycare trips and all the usual shopping and organizing (in theory).
I thought I would kick off my catch up posts with our most recent achievement which was the completion today of our gifts for the teacher's at Mr A and Miss M's daycare.  I know that the teacher's are doing their job in looking after my kids three days a week and that we pay for it but in reality I couldn't be happier with the care they get and the opportunities that they are given while there.  As a token of thanks I like to do a wee something for them each year and every year I seem to leave it to the last possible minute and get in a bit of a stressed state over it.  This year, of course, was no different, well actually it was because this year all was finished at about 3pm this afternoon instead of 10pm tonight :-)
Anyway after umming and ahhing for ages over what to make and coming up with many good but completely impractical ideas I decided to keep it simple and also get Mr A to help as much as possible.  So here is what we came up with.  Each teacher will get some fudge slice (we made two batches together, one apricot and one with marshmallows) and a marshmallow snowman, along with a gift tag hand made by Mr A.

Here are some pics of Mr A carefully crafting the gift tags, all I did was supply the materials and give him a list of the teacher's names so he knew how to spell them.
Step one:  Cut out the picture (from left over fabric scraps)
Step Two: Stick it on
Step Three:  Write the names

Here are some pics of the goodies we made.

And the whole lot all ready to go :-)

Mr A tells me he is going to hand them out all by himself tomorrow so we will see how that goes.  Here's hoping for a bit more blogging time between now and christmas to catch up a bit.

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  1. OH, how cute. Can you please post the fudge recipe, Alison? I need to do something for Ava's daycare as well.