Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FO: Cat in the Hat Dress

As I began tidying the sewing area yesterday I decided the easiest way to deal with cut out items was to actually sew them up and they could be used, what a novel concept that is :-)
I cut this wee dress out for Miss M before christmas but in the madness I didn't have time to get the machines out and sew it up.  The pattern I used is "A line tops and dresses" by Carla C which is a fantastic pattern and covers sizes 3m to 8y, as well as dolly sizes.  I had been looking for a simple A-line pinafore pattern for ages so I was pleased to find this one I could download, esp as it covers such a large range of sizes and is very customizable.  I found the pattern really easy to follow with great clear photo instructions, and even better it was quick to sew up.
The dress is fully reversible although because of the appliqués I have added we won't use it with the stripy side out.  Both the outer and lining fabric were from stash and the fabulous Cat in the Hat appliques I got from the lovely Viv of Sew Vivid.  This is the first time I have really attempted proper appliqué and with the aid of vliesofix it went surprisingly well.
So here is the dress

 And modeled by the Munchkin herself

Now I am all inspired to make more of these.  A girl can never have too many wee A-line dresses surely?


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! There is something really sweet about a plain A-line dress on a wee girl. Like dungarees on a boy, which was my favourite for my lads.

  2. Stunning dress Alison, it looks gorgeous in Miss M. Your sewing is awesome.