Friday, January 20, 2012

FO Green Goodness

Well before christmas a friend commented on how she loved this cardy that I made for Miss M.  As I had never got around to knitting anything for her gorgeous wee baby boy when he was born I agreed to make her one in the color of her choice.  So here is my latest Baby Vertebrae, pattern by the very talented Kelly Brooker, this time in 4ply (Knitsch sock yarn in colourway 1/4 Acre Dream).  This time I knit the 6m size and used only 90g of yarn so this knit is very economical on yarn.
I will openly admit now that I am not usually a 'green' person, but I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this and adore how the color has turned out.  Of course just to make life that bit more complicated for myself I managed to buy two skeins from different dye-lots so I alternated them throughout the project, not a big deal just lots more ends to weave in at the end.
The finished cardy, this time I blocked it with the ribbing lying 'out' flat to try and stop it folding in when worn at Miss M's tends to do a little.
The cardy
Better idea of the colors
And with permission some truly gorgeous pics of it being modeled by the cutest wee man around.

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