Saturday, January 28, 2012

FO: The trial run....

Well the sewing theme continues for a bit here.  I am making the most of having my sewing mojo back and getting a few things made for the kids.
Months ago I bought some lovely knit interlock with monster trucks on it to make Mr A a t-shirt just like one he had spotted in Ottobre 3/2011.  I blogged very excitedly when it arrived and am ashamed to say that even to this day it is still in the package it arrived in, oops bad Mummy.  I am pleased to say though that said t-shirt is now one step closer.  Because the fabric wasn't cheap, and I more than likely only have enough for one attempt, I decided to make a trial run of the pattern first to check for sizing etc and I am pleased I did.  Going by Mr A's measurements I chose to make him a size 98cm with 110cm length, he is pretty tall and slim.  The pattern I used was ottobre 3/2011, number 24, Slim Fit T-Shirt.
My first mistake was not reading the instructions properly when cutting out the top and adding a seam allowance to the bound neck edge which meant when I sewed on the binding there was no way it was ever going to fit over Mr A's head in a million years.  Oops, lesson learnt (well theoretically), do not cut out in a rush of excitement late at night.  Once I had cut down the neck and rebound it the rest of the top went together really smoothly.
Here is the result:

I was really pleased with it, even the binding went on well, and Mr A liked it this morning even if Daddy does think he looks like a little retro boy from the 70's in it.

Excuse the goofy face and pose I interrupted some
important lego making to take this photo.
Although this fits Mr A really nicely I have decided to go up one size in both width and length for the 'real deal' so hopefully he will get next summer out of it as well.  I am also left pondering whether I should be big and brave and drag out my much unloved coverstitch machine from the cupboard to do the bindings on it?  Argh still find my coverstitch pretty scary, lol.

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