Friday, January 27, 2012

FO: Summer top for Miss M

A week or so ago when I picked Miss M up from daycare one of the teachers commented that they were worried about her skin going a bit red even with lashings of sunscreen and thought long sleeved tops might be a good idea on the really bright days.  Miss M is certainly very fair skinned and I do share their concern about sun-exposure and also know that she loves nothing more than to spend every possible minute pottering about outside.  Of course though on going through her clothes when I got home I realized that all her long sleeved tops were thick winter ones and putting those on her in the middle of summer seemed like some crazy kind of torture.
So what else was there to do but drag out the pile of ottobre mags and start planning a few tops.  Having decided that light weight fabric and a full floaty style would be the key to 'cool but covered' I found a cute pattern with shirring at the neck and sleeves.  The pattern itself was for a short sleeved top but I figured lengthening the sleeves wouldn't be a big issue.  Also thankfully I had grabbed the perfect fabric during a trip to spotlight a few weeks ago when I happened to notice it on sale, woohoo.
Here it is all done.  The pattern is from Ottobre 1/2010, and it is design 11, tunic, in size 74cm.  Apart from lengthening the sleeves the only other alteration I made was that instead of doing 5 individual rows of shirring at the neck and sleeves I stitched them as a continuous spiral.

I will admit now that when I finished this I was in two minds about it, seeing it hanging up it had the ability to go either way, would it be ridiculously cute or simply ridiculous?  Now I must admit I am leaning towards ridiculously cute but you can decide for yourself.
Excuse the mess we were rushing out the door to daycare

Best friend handshake with Daddy

Now to decide whether to make more the same or try something different.


  1. Oh yes ridiculously cute and very sunwise. I have fair skin and burn when it is 18 degrees outside so wearing long sleeves is a much better option than sunscreen. I just wish my 10 yr old daughter would let me make her some long sleeved tops to wear like that too.

  2. ridiculously cute! a great solution to a constant problem in NZ

  3. She looked lovely in it at daycare.