Thursday, January 30, 2014

KCW Part 1: Riviera Leggings

This is my first time taking part in Kid's Clothes Week which is an online sewing event that challenges participants to sew (or prepare patterns, cut fabric etc) for 1 hour each day for a week.  There are no prizes or anything just a nice wee online community where you can share your creations.  Since both the kids have grown and needed clothes I felt like this might be just the motivation I needed to find m sewing mojo once again.
I went into the week semi organised with an outfit cut out for each of the kidlets.  I will blog about each piece separately.

First up is a simple pair of leggings for Miss M.  Leggings are so versatile and comfy that I thought she can never have too many pairs.  First up I needed to choose a pattern so I decided to use this opportunity to break into my copy of "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" which I have been flicking through and dreaming about using since I got it nearly a year ago.  There is a nice standard leggings pattern in there called Riviera Leggings.
I checked Miss M's measurements against the size charts and she was actually slightly smaller around than the smallest size (18m-2T) but the length of a 3T-4T so that's what I went with when tracing the pattern, 18m-2T in width and 3T-4T in length and length of rise.
The fabric I chose primarily to go with the top I wanted to make her, it's a grey/pink stripe cotton lycra which came from Mum's stash a while back.  I'm pretty sure she would have sourced it from Levana textiles many years ago.
As far as the sewing went these went together very well.  As with all leggings they are a quick and easy sew.  The only thing I changed from the instructions in the book was the way the elastic was done as I'm not a fan of overlocking the elastic onto the to (just a personal preference).

And the verdict on fit?  I'm actually a little disappointed to be honest.  They are pretty much bang on for length but they seem to be really baggy through the top, especially at the front.  I thought maybe I had added too much rise, and this may partly be the case as they ended up sitting under her tummy, but they also seem really wide in general.  I don't think I'll be reusing this pattern until Miss M is a big bigger.

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