Friday, October 3, 2014

FO: Doll carrier

This is the last post in the catch up from my sneak peeks a couple of weeks ago here.  The beginnings of this project came a few months ago.  Miss M loves to walk up to school to pick up Mr A whenever we can, she also likes to take along a baby for the walk AND collect every 'interesting' flower/leaf/stick along the way.  This means that by the time we arrive at school I'm usually carrying a doll plus a handful of flowers which I'm not allowed to put down under any circumstances, the joys of small children.
It rapidly dawned on me, after having to improvise a wrap from a doll blanket, that a baby carrier was required.  I use to baby wear Miss M a lot as a baby, first in a Moby wrap and then in a Manduca SSC, so I loved the idea of her 'wearing' her baby as well.
Roll forward to Miss M's birthday and I finally got around to making this up.  I found this pattern by LittleKiwisCloset some time ago and I love that all the details make it so reminiscent of the 'real' SSC I used for Miss M.
I chose a pink cotton that I had in stash for the outer fabric and a coordinating stripe for the lining.  As usual with Lydia's patterns I found the tutorial really easy to follow.  I would rate this a beginner pattern but you do need to keep your wits about you a bit (I almost sewed one of the clips on backwards).  Also if you can't source the clips/webbing there is an option for fabric straps and velcro.

I think it is fair to say that it was a big hit come birthday morning :-)

 And it worked well for our first test run - check out all those flowers and she's still carrying baby as well - whoop whoop.

I love this pattern, there are lots of nice details which I haven't got decent photos of like topstitching on the straps and waistband.  I may even end p making a couple as gifts in the future.

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