Sunday, October 5, 2014

My First Pattern Mash-Up

I often read about bloggers doing pattern mash-ups to get just the look they want but I'm sorry to say that I don't usually have enough vision or imagination to do so.
This all started yesterday at my sewing workshop when my overlocker started seriously playing up, as in one of the needle threads wouldn't work at all.  Thankfully I was sewing wovens (will share later) so 3-threads was fine for finishing but it meant no knit projects for me until it was sorted.  I was kind of dreading facing it today.
Fast forward to 3am when I couldn't sleep and got a lightning bolt of inspiration that I HAD to try.  This morning after much persuasion and talking nicely, and lots of cleaning out and new needles, my overlocker was back to full strength and I couldn't help but drag out the drafting mat, a couple of patterns and some fabric.
So what was it that I HAD to make.  I have made no secret of my love of the Raindrop Tee from Gracious Threads, and then recently shared my version of her new pattern the Petra Dress/top.  Well now isn't it obvious, that gorgeous shaped raindrop tee NEEDS those wee puffed sleeves of the Petra for certain.

After checking the armscye shape of the two patterns I found they would be compatible so that made life a lot easier.  All I had to do was draft the size 3 sleeve of the Petra and then I cut it at about shorten it by cutting approx 2" from the top of the underarm seam.
I chose some cute striped cotton/lycra I picked up for next to nothing as it's a second and I'm loving the result.

This is the size 3 base raindrop tee with size 4 length, I did lower the front scoop about 1" as Miss M is long in the body and it showed quite a lot of tummy last time I made it.

So this would have to be the simplest pattern mash up EVER!  All you need are the Raindrop Tee and Petra Dress/Top patterns from Gracious Threads, but you all need those anyway so no problems there.
Give it a go, I'm thinking this will be my 'go-to' everyday tee for our upcoming summer.


  1. Wow, that is incredible! Now why didn't I think of this!?

    1. Aw thanks Jess, that means a lot coming from you. And I can guarantee you have about a million ideas for every one of mine. Maybe if I didn't have to rely on being awake at 3am it would help, lol.