Friday, October 24, 2014

KCW Day 5: Quick Stripey Shorts

These wee shorts really don't fit in with the theme for KCW at all but Miss M needed more for the summer so I whipped some up in amongst the other sewing this week.
I went back to my trusty Ottobre mags for these wee shorts and used pattern #10 from issue 3/2010.  As usual for leggings I needed to cut a much smaller size around than in length so I double checked Miss M's measurements and traced and size 86 with 98 length in leg and rise.
These went together well and were quick as expected.  I'm pleased with the fit too which is huge since I find it hard to get leggings to fit Miss M nicely.

And just because I could I tried out a new stitch on the hem, a lattice hem stitch.  It seems to have god stretch, is a bit more interesting than a zig-zag and doesn't require installing a twin needle or setting up my coverseamer.  WIN!

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