Sunday, October 26, 2014

KCW Day 6: Library Lion Tee

One of my favourite children's stories to read to my two children is The Library Lion.  I'm not sure what makes it so special to us but we all love it, and I knew I had to make something inspired by it for this KCW.  Unfortunately I couldn't find any lion fabric that looked more like The Library Lion so I had to go with what I had in stash.
I got this yellow jersey fabric some time ago and Miss M loves yellow so that decision was made quickly.  I've gone back to my favourite tee pattern of the moment, the Raindrop Tee by Gracious Threads and made the same mods that I outlined here.

I think this is possibly my favourite one so far.  I finally got the sleeves to gather as I wanted them too, although they look a little uneven in the photo they aren't really.  And the fussy cut pocket is cute.

Once again I used the Lattice Hem stitch for the sleeves and bottom hem.  On this fabric, or possibly because I was stitching a curve, I got some wrinkling within the hem stitch but I still like it.

And the all important opinion of the owner? She wouldn't take it off so I guess that means she likes it :-)