Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FO Seeing Double

Look, I made this.....

...and this!
No that's not two photos of the same top but yes they are two identical tops, same pattern, same material just different sizes.  So why would I do this?  Am I just losing it and going slightly mad?  Many people may well argue that is exactly the reason and I guess in a way it is but it's not the whole reason.

First of all I made the top in the first picture.  I carefully measured Miss M, chose the pattern (ottobre 6/2008, number 3, Elly raglan top), drafted it out in her size (74cm), chose the fabric (some lightweight pink knit from Mum's stash) and made it up.  I was feeling oh so pleased with myself at how this turned out until I went to put it on her the next day only to find it was a real struggle to get it over her head.  Once on it fitted nicely although I could see it wouldn't last her through autumn and into winter as I had hoped.  Here she is wearing it.

So in a bit of a huff with myself I sent this top off to a friend for her DD and went back to the drawing board for Miss M.  I really loved the top so decided to try the next size up and drafted out the size 80cm. About this time I also learnt something very important, READ THE CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS!  I'm sure I did this but obviously not because you do NOT add seam allowance to bound edges on ottobre patterns, that could well explain the small head hole on the first top.  With this information in hand I sewed up the larger version.  The only alterations I made this time were doing the neck binding slightly differently, and how I was meant to do it the first time, and doing a smaller hem to give the top added length.

I am really pleased with how the binding turned out although I really should still get out the cover seamer and use that instead.  The fit of the second top is much better as well and it fits over her head fine, phew!
I love the wee bit of shirring across the front of this top and the slightly puffy sleeves.  I'm deciding now whether to make more of these for winter in thicker knit fabric or to branch out and try another pattern.