Monday, May 7, 2012

Farewell Moley

It is hard to write this, today has been a very hard day for us all here.  One month ago yesterday we had to take a dearly loved fur baby to the vet and came home thinking he would be fine.  Unfortunately more tests and scans proved that wasn't the case and today we had to say goodbye to our dear Molesworth (Moley).
We got Moley as a rescue kitten from Cats Protection League when we first moved back to NZ.
That little ball of grey fluff grew into a long lanky and slightly daft cat.
He was really DPs cat and spent most nights sitting on his knee 'helping' him play computer games or do some computer programming or whatever was on the agenda for that night.  He had the bad habit of jumping up on our kitchen bench, and used to dribble when he purred.  Even so I'd give anything to be telling him off for getting on the bench right now.
He liked to sleep in daft positions....
but his favorite of all was snuggle dup with his dear friend Maya
We all miss you so much The Mole and we will never forget you.  RIP Moley Nov 2004 - May 2012.


  1. Oh that's terrible Alison! How upsetting for you all, hugs from me! xxxxxxx

  2. Oh Alison :( so sorry to read this sending lots of love to you all xxxx Arohanui

  3. Oh I know exactly how you feel as we lost our beloved kelpie 3 weeks ago. Your cat looks like a real sweetheart and I am sure the memories of him will help you through the hard times. Hugs to you all xxx