Friday, May 4, 2012

FO A New Winter Top

Winter seems to have suddenly arrived and as usual I have left sorting the kids clothes for winter way too late.  Luckily this time round the change in temperature has coincided with me having a couple of weeks off work AND the arrival of my new machine to play with.  Unfortunately there hasn't been as much sewing time as it sounds like there should be as I enjoyed the company of my niece for the first week (and some great girly shopping days) and the school day is way too short!
My first workout for the new machine was to make a couple of tops for Miss M.  I have enough fabric here to sink a small ship so the thought of going out and buying she tops for winter seemed just wrong.  After some stash diving and some pattern perusing I cut out a few things and sewed up a couple.  One is still awaiting a snap so I don't have any pics yet but the other is finished.
The pattern is of course from an ottobre mag, 1/2010 design 2, "Kamomilla" T-shirt and I made a size 80cm.  There are two variations on this top, one has binding round the bottom of cropped sleeves and the other has wide cuffs on full length sleeves.  I wasn't too sure about the wide cuffs but definitely wanted full length sleeves so decided to give it a crack.  The fabric I used is some gorgeous thick cotton lycra that I was given by a friend (and have about 5 metros of) and although I wasn't sure about the sagey color of Miss M I am loving it now.  That is probably just as well because I have enough of the fabric to make her winter tops for the next 6 years or so :-)
The top
I actually really like the girly touches of the gathered neckline and the gathering of the wide sleeves into the cuffs.
And a few quick action shots taken as she was about to head out the door to daycare.
I am really pleased with the fit, the neck is nice and stretchy and easy to get on and there is still plenty of room for growth so she should get all this winter out of this no problem.

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  1. That is adorable!! So is the gir ;-) Inspires me for sure! I need to get going on our summer things!!!