Friday, May 4, 2012

One Of My Favourite Things

Anyone who has ready anything on my blog with know that I love all things crafty.  Others who don't understand this love may not share my joy of arriving home to a parcel knowing that there is new fabric or yarn inside, but lets face it everyone has some vice.  There is always something that they are truly excited about receiving in the mail, buying online and downloading or going to get from the shops.  I know that sounds very materialistic, when in fact I'm not really a 'things' person, but who doesn't love getting parcels really?
Upon our return from the school drop off yesterday morning I found not one but two courier parcels on my doorstep.  Instantly I realized there were two lots of yarn I had ordered recently and got pretty super-dooper excited.  Opening up these parcels I was in no way disappointed :-)
The first parcel I opened was from Featherbrush Yarns, a recently established indie-dyer who has some amazing colourways.  I finally succumbed last week when she did a special stocking in honor of ANZAC day.  It was 10 years this year since I spent the night camped out on the grass on the Gallipoli Peninsula to attend the dawn service there and ever since then I think ANZAC day has had a really special meaning to me.  I am hoping to use this yarn to make something a little bit special for me, something that will make me think of the ANZAC troops and the time I spent at Gallipoli each time I wear it.
And inside some fabulous 10ply yarn in colourway Poppy
The light really wasn't great yesterday and these photos in no way do justice to the depth of color and true gorgeousness of this yarn.

The second parcel I received I was even more excited about because it was a custom order I had placed with another recently established indie-dyer Olive and Emma.  I have 'known' Emma for a wee while now through a couple of online forums and have often admired the fabulous hand-dyed yarn she produced so you can imagine that I was pretty excited when I found out she was starting a business.  Then as if I needed any encouragement she teamed up with another good friend who I am currently testing a pattern for (more on that later) with a special offer on custom dying.  After much deliberation and many complete changes of tack in my thought process I finally asked Emma to dye me a nice dusky rose pink for Miss M.
First of all here is the parcel.  Isn't that just the cutest, I mean everyone knows that your favorite things come in brown paper packages tied up with string :-)
And here is what I found inside.  three 100g skeins of the most gorgeous 8ply super wash yarn in colourway "Roses for Meg".
I wound this and cast it on straightaway for the test knit so once it is done I will blog even more about it :-)

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