Thursday, May 3, 2012

FO: Birthday shirt

Mr A was a bit distraught when he found out that his favorite shirt I had made him was too small and he couldn't wear it for his birthday.  So this meant a trip for the two of us to Spotlight for some fabric (with cars please Mummy) to make a new one.  After much searching Mr A spied some fabric and home we came.
As usual I resorted to my ottobre books for a pattern (03/09 design 21, Little Fella Shirt) and I cut his one to a size 98cm with 110 length.  I found that the pattern went together well, the only issue I had was with the instructions for the collar binding but I think that was probably more due to my brain being half as keep than anything else.  Because it was only finished the night before the party I didn't get any pics before it was worn but here are a few photos of Mr A wearing it.
He seems very pleased with it anyway and that's the main thing.

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