Thursday, October 13, 2011

After The Rain

Spring is well and truely here and with it the rain.  It feels like we have had rain for ages now but in reality it has probably just been on and off (more on than off) for the last couple of weeks or so.  Today I took advantage of a break in the weather to put some washing on the line and the kidlets came outside to get some fresh air and have a run around.  Until recently I would have strapped Miss M in the buggy so I knew where she was but lately she has become a lot more able at playing about and loves her time sharing Mr A's ride on bike and car.
The one difference after the rain today was that we had puddles.  I think this was Miss M's first experience of puddle jumping (more stomping in her case) and the pictures say it all really, you just can't hear the squeals of delight.
Looks like fun
Splish splash
Squeals of delight
I've had enough of this game now, off to explore.

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