Sunday, October 9, 2011

Southward Car Museum

A couple of months ago one of the "Daily Deal" websites here was offering half price entry for a family pass to Southward Car Museum.  This is only about a 45 min drive from our place but even though we have a car mad boy we had never made the trip up the coast to visit.  So what better excuse than cheap entry :-)
When we had a burst of early spring a couple of weekends ago we packed the kids into the car and made a wee day trip of it and I must say a great time was had by all.  I really had no idea what to expect but the place is immense and even someone as clueless on cars and all things vehicles as me found plenty to keep myself entertained.
We were very lucky that when we got there it was pretty quiet and the staff were really helpful.  When we mentioned that Mr A liked fire engines one of the staff took us downstairs and let him sit in a couple of the old fire engines and 'drive' them.  A certain way to make a small boy's day.
Here's our visit in pictures.

In front of the oldest car in NZ

A happy boy driving a fire engine

Peeking through the wheel

Check out the race cars

A Ferrari, red of course.

Not just cars but all things with wheels.  We found lots of old bikes as well.

Part motorbike, part car.

Early model electric car

A small boy in his element

Check out the copper car

Loving rampaging around.
Overall I would thoroughly recommend stopping by at Southward Car Museum if you are ever in the area, especially if you have any car lovers in the family.

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