Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Designer Roundup Part 2: For the Kids

Continuing my designer roundup today with some of my favorite pattern designers who predominantly design with children in mind.  These are by no means the biggest, most prolific or necessarily most popular designers of kid wear on Ravelry but are some of my current favorites.

First up is actually another New Zealand designer, Justine Turner of Just Jussi.  I have admired Justine's designs for a long time now, she manages to capture practical and interesting all in the same garment.  Another thing I love about Justine is that she has some fabulous boys designs as well as some classic and very feminine girls patterns.  I still think that my all time favorite pattern is the Victoria Cardigan, I have knit this twice now, once as a gift and once for Miss M and I know I will definitely knit more in the future (and that is saying something because I rarely knit a pattern more than once).  I was also lucky enough to test knit the lovely Clipper smock which I adore with it's heart shaped cable detailing, and have knitted Roaring Meg as a gift.   Another I definitely have in my "to-knit" list is the Dolly Mixture Vest, I just need to find the yarn.
Victoria for Miss M
Roaring Meg for a gift
Dolly Mixture Vest
Another designer who seems to produce so many gorgeous patterns for both boys and girls is Elena Nodel of Anadiomena Designs.  Elena currently has nearly 50 patterns on Ravelry and I can probably count on one hand the number of those that I DON'T want to knit!  One thing I love about Elena's designs is that I learn something every time I knit one of her patterns.  She uses many creative construction techniques and fabulous cables to keep the interest of the knitter, although there have been times when it is a bit too much for an overtired brain.  I couldn't begin to list my favorite designs of Elena's you just need to go take a look for yourself either on Ravelry or her website.  I have been lucky enough to test knit a few of her patterns so I will just share those.
First Mate Pants
First Mate Hoodie
Summer Days
Finally for today is Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting.  Alana has actual got a range of children's and adult designs but it was through her children's patterns that I first discovered her on Ravelry so I have popped her in this category.  We are also lucky enough to have many of Alana's pattern in stock at our LYS and the leaflets are just gorgeous and the patterns so well written and easy to follow.  So far I have only knit the Molly Beret but I am hoping to knit Chloe for Miss M in the very near future.
Molly for a special girl
I can't talk about children's knitwear patterns without mentioning Phildar Design.  I first discovered the Phildar mags a couple of years before I discovered Ravelry and they filled my need for 'different' and modern kids patterns, I must admit I do enjoy hunting out more unique patterns sometimes rather than knitting the same thing as everyone else.  I still keep an eye on these patterns and have knit several things from them over the years with many more in the pipelines.  Here are a few of my Phildar creations.
Onesie for Miss M
Cable Jacket for Mr A
Mr A's first birthday vest
A gift
That's my roundup for today.  I'm sure that any knitter that reads this will think of someone that I have missed out today.  I can think of several others myself but simply couldn't fit everyone in.  So if you have popped by for a read then let me know who your favorite designer of children's knitwear is.

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