Monday, October 10, 2011

Spring Picnics

In the last few weeks we have really started to feel like spring has arrived.  With the new found freedom of my driving license and the good weather, the kids and I have enjoyed a few playground picnics on my days off work.  There is nothing quite like a picnic lunch, play at the park, feed of the ducks and then a trip to the library to fill in a day (and tire out the children).
A couple of weekends ago we decided to go on a wee family picnic.  The navy was holding some celebrations in Wellington and the RWC was in full swing so we thought a trip into town to sample the atmosphere was in order.  After stopping at a favorite french bakery for lunch we headed into town and after much searching found a car park and a picnic spot at the beach.  This was Miss M's first trip to the beach and Mr A's first paddle of the season.  According to Mr A the water was freeeeeeezing and Miss M didn't look too impressed by the whole affair.  That didn't stop lots of fun being had by all.
First steps on sand

Jumping the waves

Bubbles at the beach

Roll on summer and many more beach trips and picnics.

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