Monday, October 3, 2011

The Birthday Girl

Even though I have now had some time to get used to the idea I still find it hard to believe that my baby girl is now one.  I guess it makes me a little sad to think the year has gone so fast and that she isn't a 'baby' anymore, but it is also fantastic seeing her learn so much each day.  At this age they really are just wee sponges and with a big brother to teach her she seems to be learning new things daily.
So twelve months ago she looked like this:
And now we have this wee munchkin girl in the family:
Mind you maybe this should have given me a clue to that early on?
So here are a few pics of her enjoying her birthday and then her wee party.
What's in here?


Loving my new Wheely bug, and my new clothes from Granny and Papa.

Balloons are great.

Finishing the day with bubbles.

The cake.

My party.

Being patriotic with Daddy

Reading :-)

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