Thursday, October 6, 2011

Knitting, Knitting, Just Keep Knitting....

Sung in my very best Dory voice from Nemo ;-)  This is how it has been here over the last couple of days.  I am desperately close to finishing off a cardigan for me!  Yes actually something for me!  Even more exciting is that I started this over 2 years ago and it hibernated for most of that time, not because I lost the love but because I got sidetracked by other projects and then kind of forgot about it.

Does anyone else find that when you are nearing the end of something like this it can take forever to actually get there?  I mean I have made the foolish (but necessary) decision to make this garment longer in the body than the pattern and now every time I try it on it seems that I need to do just "two more rows".  Of course those two more rows make no difference whatsoever.  I must have knitted about 1.5 inches of "two more rows" tonight and it is still not quite long enough.  Oh well tomorrow is another day :-)

So no more details for now but here is a sneak peak and I WILL be blogging about this FO very soon :-)
Anyone else digging out a long hibernating project to work on?

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  1. I've gone back to my Central Park Hoodie (with viking cables); cast on March 2010 and got about 10" through the sleeves. Stopped as we weren't getting on. Started again in August 2010, did a wee bit; had a nasty earthquake and simpler things were in order. Pulled it back out again in July this year, sleeves are now done and I'm 2" up the back.