Friday, October 28, 2011

In the Craft Room

Oh that sounds so organized but in reality it is completely the opposite plus my craft room is predominantly the computer room and place for storage of random stuff unfortunately.  But what I really mean is that I thought I would pop a wee post up about what has been happening on the crafty front round here.
Mainly of late I have been knitting.  I have got two things here that are recently off the needles but one is a gift and the other is blocking so instead of posting proper pics I will just show this until I am ready to do FO posts on these ones.
So what is on my needles now?  Another test knit, here is a sneaking WIP pic.
The main problem I have had lately is that I have a whole heap of sewing I HAVE to get done (I promised someone nappies weeks ago) and I have no motivation to drag out the machine and get stuck into it.  But yesterday this arrived in the mail

Followed by this today.
Well hello there sewing mojo, now I just need some kid free time to get on with it :-)

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