Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FO Ultimate Longies

To continue from yesterday the second part of Miss M's birthday outfit is some longies to match the babydoll top.  The pattern I settled on after much indecision was Ultimate Longies by Shannon Passmore.  This is a lovely 10 ply (worsted weight) longs pattern that has plenty of options for variation in waistband, leg length and cuff.  The shaping in the body, although requires a bit of concentration, gives a really nice finish and these fit perfectly over Miss M's cloth bum.  I should mention now that the worksheet at the back of the pattern for all the body shaping is fantastic and saved me from what would have otherwise been a bit of a disaster trying to keep track of everything I am sure.
The yarn for these is again 100Purewool, this time in Happy Rose which is a semi-solid colourway that ties in beautifully with the dark pink in the Quebracho I used.  Going by the pattern measurements I knitted a size large for Miss M but made them a lot shorter in the leg than the pattern stated and used just over 1 skein in total.
You can see here the nice shaping of the short rows in the back and I chose to do simple moss stitch cuffs.
The outfit together
And on the girl herself.

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