Friday, October 14, 2011

Yarn Diet Fail

Hello my name is Alison and I am addicted to buying yarn :-)  Okay so that's not actually always true, I go through phases of being addicted to buying fabric instead, but yarn is my main downfall.  However while I was on maternity leave my yarn budget was pretty much zero and I actually found it easier than I thought to stick to my yarn diet.  I had a couple of wobbles early on when I 'needed' to increase the proportion of 'girly' yarn in stash after Miss M was born, and have fallen for a couple of cheap destash purchases but recently I have well and truly fallen off the wagon.
Here are the goodies that have arrived in my mail box over the last 6-8 weeks, which in my defense is basically since I started work again (I had to celebrate somehow).
First is my one and only Co-op purchase for the year, so I've been good in that respect.  This is from Lollytree yarn and the colourway is BFF with mid pink trim.
I'm not sure what that will become yet but possibly a Teacher's Pet for Miss M next autumn/winter.
Then I just may have been tempted by the fabulous Morag of Vintage Purls when she destashed the last of her non-superwash yarn.  Considering how often I used to purchase from Morag's weekly updates, believe me this is me being good :-)
I have no idea what any of this will turn into.  I have actually already destashed a couple of these that I knew I wouldn't use and some of it at least will turn into socks for me eventually.  Amongst that lot are both the foreground and background colors for this Bug Out sock pattern which is pretty cool.
Next is two skeins of absolutely devine Old Maiden Aunt Merino/cashmere/nylon 4ply in colourway Derelict Daughter.
I already had one skein of this from the OMA yarn club I did a couple of years ago and now with two extra skeins I am dreaming of making myself a carry of some sort and wrapping myself in it's softness.  Maybe one of these patterns? What do you think?
Elphaba Pullover
Making Waves Cardigan

Some Three Irish Girls Springvale Super Merino, worsted weight in colourway Megan, purchased from destash.
And finally I fell for a destash from a friend and now have a whole stack of Bella Baby Layette which is a lovely soft merino/bamboo yarn which will be great for summer knits for Miss M.

See I told you I've fallen off the wagon, just as well there aren't any health risks I know of from having too much yarn.  My disclaimer to this post is that I am still on track to finish the year with less yarn than I started :-)


  1. OOOOH! Look at all that yummy yarn! Makes me want to go buy more too! ;) Thanks for sharing pictures!

  2. Wow, you did well with the VP vintage! Awesome!