Monday, October 17, 2011

Designer Roundup Part 1: Kiwis

I have been thinking a bit lately while browsing Ravelry about how it has changed how I find, choose and purchase patterns to knit.  Not that long ago looking for a knitting pattern meant going to your LYS and flicking through folders or books until you found what you wanted.  Now the first port of call for me is a pattern search on Ravelry with the criteria I am after i.e style, yarn weight etc.  Not only has Ravelry made access to thousands of patterns easy for knitters but it has also meant that more people have a chance to design and publish their own knitting patterns.  Whereas once you had to get published by one of the yarn companies now anyone (who is talented enough) can write a pattern and publish it on Ravelry.  I make that sound oh so simple but believe me having worked with many designers I am well aware of the hours and hours of work that goes into producing a fantastic knitting pattern.
Anyway I thought I would do a bit of a round up of some of my fav designers I have discovered since joining Rav and when I made the list it was quite long so I will start today with the Kiwi designers on the list.  Some of these designers are very local to me i.e in my knitting group, others I know through various online forums and some I know purely by finding their patterns on Ravelry.  So here, in no particular order, are some of my current fav NZ knitting designers.

Starting closest to home my first mention goes to the talented Julia Stanfield who has published the Little Rascals ebook and also the Teacher's Pet pattern.  The Little Rascals ebook contains patterns for a jersey, vest and cardigan all with loads of options including hood, cables, pockets etc.  These patterns are all in sizes nb-10y and to be honest I don't think you would ever get better value from a knitting pattern than this one.  I have knitted a Little Hoodlum jersey for Mr A a couple of years ago and have just completed a Young Einstein cardigan as a baby gift.
Mr A's Little Hoodlum
Teacher's Pet is a super cute wee knitted dress pattern and I really can't wait to have the chance to knit this for Miss M next winter.

Also from our knitting group is Christine Jeffrey who has patterns on Ravelry for socks, a bookmark, a dishcloth, cowl and girls tops.  I was lucky enough to be involved in the testing process of two of Christine's more recent patterns the In Plume Shrug (available in sizes nb-12y) and Daisy May cardigan (available in sizes nb-6y).  Both are just gorgeous, here are my versions of them.
Miss M in her Daisy May

Miss M in her In Plume Shrug
Rachel Evans has published the ever popular Babydoll patterns (Kaia and Paige) as well as the Spring Butterfly cardigan and more recently the Brooklynn and Zach jackets.  A couple of Rachel's patterns I have knitted.
Kaia Babydoll in 0-3m size
Miss M's Paige Babydoll
Kelly Brooker of Knit So Quaint has a lot of gorgeous children's designs published on Ravelry from her March Sister's pinafore series to her more recent Tama and Hine patterns and the fabulous Pueperium Cardigan.  I love the simple lines and true functionality of Kelly's designs and I am thrilled to be doing a test knit for her at the moment.  Until now I have only knit the Amy pinafore but I have plans already to knit the Hine and Pueperium as well.
Miss M's Amy pinafore
Pueperium Cardigan
Sheryl Greenfield has published many fabulous designs for socks, hats, scarves, shawls and mitts.   I am sad to say I haven't yet knit any of Sheryl's fab designs but I really want to knit her Benji and Bullfrogs and Butterflies hats and also her Garden City Scarf which was designed to pay tribute to the city of Christchurch after their devastating earthquake in Feb this year and also to help raise funds for the rebuilding there.
Bullfrogs and Butterflies
Garden City Scarf
Finally for now is Julie Gilliver who has published several gorgeous kiddies top patterns.  My favorite of her designs is the Explorer vest which is a fantastic v-necked vest pattern knit seamlessly and is available in sizes nb-16y and also in various yarn weights (8ply to 12ply).  I knitted one of these for Mr A this winter and will certainly be making more, in fact I already have one in mind for a gift :-)
Mr A's Explorer vest
I hope I haven't forgotten anyone although I have a nagging feeling that I have.  I will continue this series over the next few days and I'm thinking I may round off the week with a pattern giveaway so watch this space :-)


  1. This is really making me want to learn how to knit or crochet! It's on my to do list for the end of the year!

  2. I've got one too, my Lace Chain Baby Socks (, it's my only one so far, but I'm a kiwi and on TNN like most of the other lovely designers you've mentioned. Also my Gran's bunny toy pattern is on my patterns for free. I'm not as prolific as most of those ladies though; working on my next design at the moment, but it's going to be a wee while yet.

  3. Thanks Rachelle I knew there would be people I had forgotten, sorry. So many talented ladies and one tired brain here :-)

  4. Awww, thanks Alison! You've got such delicious models! And your knitting is beautiful :)